Dog Sitting


Keep your dog at home while you’re gone for the weekend for the most stress free experience.

Unfortunately we can’t bring our pets EVERYWHERE. They can’t always come on vacation, to your ‘allergic’ in-laws house, or to your company retreat. That’s where we come in!

Walk in the Bark currently can offer 3 visits per day to the people who need to leave for short periods of time (ie. a weekend). This allows your dog to stay at home where they are the most comfortable, and be visited by myself three times a day. These visits are each 45 minutes long: morning, afternoon and evening, and allows your dog to go for a walk, enjoy some belly rubs and play time, be fed and given fresh water, and enjoy some general company.

I do not sleep over at your home, nor can I bring your dog to mine (unfortunately I cannot convince my boyfriend otherwise, haha!). However, I can assure you that your dog will be fulfilled and well cared for during each 45 minute visit. Plans will be customized during a FREE consultation so that I can learn your dogs’ eating and walking schedule, or any other specific needs or requests you may have.


Full Day (3x 45 min visits) ↠

Full 3 Day Weekend (Friday – Sunday) ↠



↠ Plans may be customized by length of visits etc.

↠ $5 charge per additional dog from the same household