Dog Walking


Exercise is so important to dogs and it is both physically and mentally stimulating. I offer both individual walks as well as pack walks every day of the week!


All dog walking appointments are private walks so that your dog has 100% of my attention. We walk around your neighbourhood for either 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. These visits consist mostly of walking, but also include other activities such as mentally stimulating games like practicing tricks, sit-stays, and my personal favourite: the sniffy game (a game where I hide a treat in the house and your dog will have to use their nose to locate their prize)!

Fresh water will be given, and feeding if required. A detailed report card will be left after every visit, and I frequently take photos to text to you or will share a silly story about your dog from the visit.


Walk in the Bark offers daily walks, set schedules (ie. every Mon/Wed/Fri), or we can book you in on an as-needed basis depending on your schedule. We require 24 hour notice to set up as-needed walks, and 24 hour notice for cancellation.


20 Minute Visit ↠

30 Minute Visit ↠

60 Minute Visit ↠

$13 – $15

$15 – $17


↠ Additional $5 charge for evenings (after 5pm) and weekends
↠ Additional $5 charge for another dog from the same household