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For dog walking inquiries call 519-580-7485.

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Welcome to Walk in the Bark

Walk in the Bark is a one woman, one sidekick (Decker) business that is based entirely off of love and knowledge of animals.

All the services Walk in the Bark offers are completely catered and customized to both yours and your fur-kids individual needs. All walks and visits will be discussed in detail before my arrival so that I can ensure that I leave your pet happy, stress free and fulfilled. At the end of every visit you will be left with a detailed report card of how the visit went. Photo updates and emails can be sent as well upon request. Before working for you, and more importantly, your fur-kid, I will meet with you for a FREE consultation. This allows you to put a face to the Walk in the Bark name and feel more confident in allowing me into your home. This also allows me to understand your specific requests when it comes to caring for your pet. I will also gather emergency contact information and a few details on your pets’ health and unique needs.

Benefits of Regular Dog Walking

While you are gone at work, on vacation or are just currently swamped with a hectic lifestyle and can’t provide your dog all of the attention you wish you could, your dog still has basic needs that have to be met.

Regular walking is key to: Eliminating destructive behaviour Physical well-being (strong lean muscles, less problems associated with weight) Mental well-being (it’s healthy for dogs to use their senses!) Happiness Reducing boredom Release of excess energy Aids in training Healthy social interaction Greater quality of life!